Yoga is not physical poses. Yoga is a life philosophy.

Yoga means, ‘union’, integration’, ‘one-ness’. It is a path to see the universal connectedness we all have.


Sage Patanjali who codified the yoga principles, explains this in eight steps, known as Ashtanga Yoga (ashta – 8, anga – parts)

  1. Yama             – Moral rules
  2. Niyama          – ‘To -do’s
  3. Asana             – Physical postures
  4. Pranayama    – Breath Control
  5. Pratyahara     – Tuning internally
  6. Dharana         – Concentration on an object
  7. Dhyana           – Extended concentration on one object (meditation)
  8. Samadhi         – Final stage of yoga, where you realize that there is no difference between ‘subject’, ‘object’ and ‘process’


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