The Coach

   My RYT-200 Diploma


Here is the link to my Insight Timer Teacher Profile:

Rajesh’s life mission is to help people live happy & healthy.

Rajesh Sengamedu is a yoga practitioner for over 30+ years combining hatha-yoga (body-work), pranayama (breath-work), meditation (mind-work) & diet.

Rajesh teaches yoga, breathing & meditation techniques to family, colleagues, friends. He teaches breathing & meditation online every weekend, yoga classes at Veda Temple in Milpitas. He is inspired by four hatha-yoga practitioners /great masters and schools – Shri. Sivananda Yoga, Shri. BKS Iyengar Yoga, Shri. Baba Ramdev Yoga and Bihar School of Yoga. He is a student of Vedanta philosophy, seeing the ‘oneness‘ & ‘connectedness‘ everywhere.

While inspired by all these great schools, Rajesh adapts the techniques and focusses on helping every student personally to learn about their body, breath & mind and find solutions to health & emotional problems they face. His classes are gentle, with a strong emphasis on ‘integration‘ – integrating body & mind with breath.

Rajesh’s day job is a client executive for a consulting company, managing business with a large networking company in Bay Area.