10 Day Detox

10 Day Ayurveda Detox Program



Ayurveda recommends us to fast (detox) everytime the season changes. Especially when spring sets in or fall sets in.

I have made it a practice now to fast regularly every year starting last year. It is immensely helpful to get rid of toxins in the body and become more energetic.


Here is the details for the 10 Day Ayurveda Detox program I underwent.

It is amazing to gain mental control and also ofcourse to lose weight. I lost about 8-9lbs in 10 days.

Through Whatsapp and /or email, I will help you on a daily basis to answer your questions & doubts and help you detox safely.

There is no cost to this program.

If you would like to donate, you are welcome


NOTE: Do you want the recipes & portions?

If you would like me to ship you recipes & measured portions for your 10 day detox program, please add $75-00 additional donation.

This is equal to $2.50 per meal + cost of your vegetables of your choice (~$2/meal/)!

All you got to do is to open up each packet during mealtime (lunch, breakfast, dinner), add water, vegetables of your choice and cook.

You will get supplies for 10 days. These will be conveniently packed for each meal. Saves you time, takes the headache out of shopping.

The following will be shipped to you:

  • Rice, Moong Dal, Detox Spice Mixture, Salt, Pepper, Ghee

We will supply only Organic /Natural foods (purchased at local grocery stores like Indian stores, Whole Foods, Sprouts etc)

Buy Supplies for 10 day detox program here


Disclaimer: This is not a program or diet to lose weight. This is a program to detox your body and make it more resistant to diseases. I will not accept any liability of any sorts. You will undertake this detox program at your risk entirely.