21 Day Purusha Sookta Chanting Challenge


Starting in November 2017, I am offering 3 week Purusha Sookta chanting challenge.


Here is how it works:

  • Every weekend (Sat, Sun), for three consecutive weekends, you join me live, online via, Zoom video conference.
  • Learn & practice chanting the famous Purusha Sookta
  • During the weekdays, you will commit to practicing by yourself.
  • Your time commitment is 20 min a day
  • Through email and/or Whatsapp, I will support your practice by answering any questions related to chanting, intonation & also go over the wonderful meaning behind the eternal song.
  • Weekend Group Practice Time: 715 -745AM PST


What you will Learn:

  • Chanting meditation technique, activating the third eye
  • High level meaning of the Sookta, that originated from the Rig Veda time and is still used today in Indian temples.
  • There is no religious connotation to this chant. The chant basically explains how the universe evolved (including us) from the consciousness principle.


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